Brown Spots, Freckles & Pigmented Skin:

Generally, brown spots and freckles are Ephelides and Lentigines (Solar Lentigines), respectively that are either sun damaged skin or a result of ageing. Brown Spots and freckles that are darker in color can be effectively treated with the Nd:Yag 1064-nm wavelength laser with little or no damage to the skin. The Alexandrite 755nm-wavelength can be used for lighter spots. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or pigmentation can be treated with a variety of methods which include topical creams such as Hydroquinone, Vitamin C and Kojic acid. We believe the most effective and quickest method to resolve pigmentation is Venus Viva treatments as it enables ablation and coagulation of the epidermis and dermis zone in a fractional manner resulting in non-invasive skin resurfacing.